Safety is Constant

Elevate Construction black hard hat with logo on it.Safety is a core part of Elevate's company culture. It is not a priority, as priorities change based on needs and circumstances. Safety is a constant, fundamental part of our culture. It makes up who and what we are. We expect our employees and contractors to understand and subscribe to our safety culture. Our safety culture requires proper skills, procedures, tools, and equipment to complete the job safely. No shortcuts or one-time-only workarounds are permitted—just simple, straightforward, sound safety practices. Elevate team members must partake in yearly safety training, obtain CPR and AED certifications and complete OSHA 10/30 training courses. As our culture evolves, so do our safety practices. We are constantly renewing and implementing safe work practices for the well-being of our company and clients. Elevate believes that everyone deserves a secure and risk-free work environment.