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“When working with Elevate, you can always count on friendly, honest, and effective construction management. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone, from the on-site team, to the administrative team. I’m always excited for the next opportunity to work with Elevate.”
- Lindsey Breiner, St. Luke’s University Health Network
"Elevate's exceptional design-build and construction management services have been invaluable to our project. They demonstrate remarkable flexibility and perseverance in navigating a dynamic environment, overcoming supply chain constraints, and adapting to multiple redesigns during construction. Their ability to maintain the schedule in adverse conditions while exercising strong cost control has contributed significantly to our success in reaching strategic objectives. Jeff Pietrak's availability and willingness to move at the client's speed have been second to none, providing valuable engineering input and cost-saving measures throughout the project. Elevate truly stands out as a reliable partner in achieving project goals."
- Zak Blazic, Moxie Solutions
"Two substation transformers were set in place with multiple cranes, crews and “moving parts."  It’s a testament to your team that in a timely fashion, the transformers were set and the cranes, extra equipment and people departed from the site early. The experience and maturity of Elevate's team- Bill, Keith and P.J.- demonstrated itself throughout the day by the methodical planning that prevented any complications. The few issues that did arise were addressed efficiently. I appreciate how well everything went and I know that the client appreciates it as well!"
- Semiconductor Facility Worker
"I cannot recommend Elevate enough! Their team has proven to be trustworthy and high in integrity. What sets them apart is their remarkable accountability, going above and beyond to meet set expectations. The loyalty they've shown towards their subcontractors is truly commendable, making us feel valued and appreciated. On top of that, their organized approach to handling projects has saved significant time and effort. Elevate is the partner you can rely on!"
- Intini Construction Services, Inc.
"Working with Elevate as our Construction Manager has been an incredible experience. Their expertise is unmatched, and their team is highly responsive to our needs. With their guidance, we have successfully avoided or smoothly navigated through potentially challenging situations. Their support has been invaluable, and we are grateful to have Elevate on our side. Their commitment to delivering results is truly commendable."
- Vantage Point Retirement Living